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Safari 4 Public Beta

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Loves it.  Safari 4.0 pubic beta was released today.  I have only been playing with it for about 20 min.  But I love it a lot.  The first thing you notice is your new "welcome page" that shows your most visited websites.  It loads these websites, and gives you a thumb view of them so you can pick the website you want to visit.  You can remove the websites that do not make sense on your "top sites" page.  For example, on mine the "approve friend requests" page came up from Facebook.  I just wanted the facebook main page in there, and i removed the others.

Also, when you go and look in your history, you can view it in the famous Apple "cover view" where you can cycle through all of the pages you recently visited, and what they look at.  So if you dont remember the URL or title of the page you recently looked at, you can just pull up your cover flow history.

Additionally, Apple is challenging the Google Chrome browser in a "Speed off" for the fastest browser.  Obviously this is still a public beta, so downloads are at your own risk, but I recommend you download it for your Mac or PC and try it out!!

Update: This browser screams.  It is really fast, it reloads my website in like a half of a second!

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