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Windows Vista Ultimate

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So, I have wanted to play with windows Vista for some time.  Yes, me a avid mac "fanboy" as some would say, did indeed want to play with the bug ridden vista.


So, I happen to get a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate the other day, and decided to try out Boot Camp on my Mac Book Pro.  It works quite well so far.  I did have driver issues (it is still Windows), but eventually got everything to work. 

Vista still feels like windows.  You can tell its cumbersome and clunky.  However, I do think it looks soo much pretier than previous versons, so thats a start.

I have only had a chance to play for like 30 min, because I spent the first 2 hours of Vista fixing the driver issues.  I will keep you posted on what I think later.

iTunes Genius a Genius Move

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So every now and then I use Apple's new genius.pngGunius "sidebar" to find new music to listen to.  I am not the kind of person that knows all the bands and artists in the world.  So, I like this feature because I can find a song I like, and it will make recommendations on what else I might like.  And for the most part it does a great job.  Every time I start my little hunts, I end up spending at least $5 to $10 on songs. Which is a lot for someone who used to only buy one song at a time.  It really is a great way for Apple to get people to buy music.  

I also love the fast Genius playlists, just because sometimes I am only in a mood to certain music.  All around one of my favorite iTunes features.  I know I am like the last person to blog about this, but I love it so much, and haven't yet, so I decided to.
An interesting and brave statement from Apple was put up on their "Hot News" website publicly stating that Prop 8 is wrong and "Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8."

From Apple's Hot News site:

Just another reason why I use, love, and promote Apple products and services.

Apple Could Buy Dell

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Apple has announced that in its Bank account, it has 24.5 billion dollars.  Thats not how much the company is worth, thats how much spare change they have sitting around.  Thats a butt load of bank.

11 years ago, when Apple was starting to turn around from its down days, Michael Dell made the comment when asked what he would do with Apple: 
"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." 

Today, Apple has more money in its bank account than Dell is worth as a company.  They could buy Dell at its value, and still have a billion or so left to throw around.

Good times.  I wonder how he feels about Apple now?  What I do know, is that I don't think he would be the first person that I would take investment advice from.

Microsoft starts Apple Attack Ads

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Not that I can really blame them, but Microsoft has started a advertising campaign to attack Apple's "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads.  The first started out with a Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ad that left everyone saying "wtf?".  Microsoft pulled the ads, and fired Sienfeld.  

Now... Micorosoft has changed tact, and started a set of attack ads to say "I am a PC."  All I have to say, is: they are good.  Microsoft finally figured it out.  They show real people all over the world, using PCs in their lives.  Its just too bad that the commercials and advertisements themselves were made on Macs.  

The real question from these well designed ads is: Will it work?  I would venture to say no.  Microsoft is trying to play the victim card.  It is the largest company in the world, and it is trying to remind the world that people still use PCs.  The ads do not attempt to show why people should stay with Microsoft, or why they think their product is better.  These ads just tell the world that lots of people use PCs.  

Another fun thing to think about, is how scared Microsoft must be right now.  Thats a good sign for Apple me thinks.  

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