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So, with T.Boon Pickens (I have a lot to write about this man, but not in this entry), and all the media coverage of wind power, there has been lots of attention drawn to it.  Today, I noticed an article on CNN about how wind power has adversely affected the small communities and the people that live on the land with the wind turbines.  What I don't really understand is why this even got attention on CNN.  If someone decided to build a Nuclear power plant in my back yard, of course I would be upset.  So, of course the families on this land are not happy.  Yes, wind power is a clean source of energy, that I am very excited about.  However, just because it is a clean source of power it does not mean it will be fun to live under the power generators.

For allowing 6 wind turbines to be on your land, the family gets approximately $46,000 a year.  Thats an agreement the wind company and the land owner signed to before the turbines were ever built.  Thats a nice additional income for a small family (although, I would have expected to be payed more).  These folks have nothing to complain about.  They put themselves into the situation that they are in.

CNN also talks about how the residents of this community thought they would get free electricity.  Do you think any energy company in the world would give you something for nothing?  They are a business like anything else, and they need profit to stay alive.

I personally think that CNN is trying to find a story where there is none.  If you decide to allow wind power in your town, yes there will be negative effects... but think of the good you will be doing for the world.  The more wind power we have, the less pollution we have, the less oil we use, and the better our environment will be.

There will be more on this topic from me I am sure.

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