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Powerful Images

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I love flickr, just because it brings the world so close together. While I couldn't be in Washington DC today, I can see what others see.

Watch the photos in slide show, full screen. There are also lots of movies strewn about in there. Its great. I found one video from a high school of all the students just standing around and watching. History happened today!!!

Inauguration Day

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Message to and from Obama
Message to and from Obama,
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Today was interesting. I actually had a great day at work. After a sorta rough day yesterday, today being my Friday (and a ten hour Friday at that).

I opened the Backlands today with my bff at work, Paula and funny guy Dave Yunker. Paula is pretty amazing. We call her the mom of the Showkeeping team. I have pretty much managed to keep my days off the same as hers for most of my time on the team to date. So, we spend most of our weeks working together, which I love.

The mood at work this morning from all of our cast was pretty amazing! Everyone was happy. You could tell even just looking at the small demographic of my 630am track talk. We told the cast that the inauguration would be broadcast live backstage for them to watch on their breaks and lunch breaks. There were random cheers and cast members talking about what a great day it would be. Not usual for a track talk at the crack of dawn. People were happy.

Of course, I was happy too. It just felt good that this was a sign of change. I know people say that one person does not make that much difference... but that really isn't true. Obama sets the tone of our government. He may not make the laws, but he will set the standard for what he expects from the law makers.

Obama has already pledged to shut down Guantanamo Bay. One of the biggest violations of what we believe in as a nation. Our justice system has always been "innocent until proven guilty," and as Americans we should be above torture. Closing Guantanamo will be a symbol that Bush bull headed style of doing things is over. We don't have to be bullies to get what we want in the world. Peace and diplomacy is the solution for a civilized society, and I am glad President Obama is making that clear.

President Obama has to be going into office with more public opinion support than any other president has started with. He can make a difference. I believe he will. Lets hope he will be as good as all the hype. I know a lot of people out there are expecting to be let down. I am not. I want him to stand up, stand for what he believes in, and show this world what a true America is about. We are a compassionate nation, and the good majority here indeed does care about everyone else, and the well being of the world.

There is soo much that he can accomplish. ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I know some people that might disagree with that, but I do believe it. It is not an easy task, but it can be done.

Keith Olbermann on Gay Marriage

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I know, lots of YouTube, but this is great stuff.  A must watch.

"Equal Rights"

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The people will be heard soon

Bitter Sweet Victory

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I was watching CNN today, and they showed an "iReporter" posting a video blog on their website about the passage of all of the amendment across the country to ban gay marriage constitutionally (in their states constitution).  She said that she wanted to ask a gay African American what they feel about the results of the election.  While I am not African American, I am gay.  I was so proud of our country for coming out and supporting Obama, and making history for civil rights.  Racism will still exists, but this is a great step.

However, don't attack me for saying it, but gay is the new black.  We are being persecuted, and our rights are not being provided.  Why is it okay, for Californians and Floridians to say I can't see my loved one if he were to be in the hospital.  Or if heaven forbid, I were somehow on my death bed, why it would be okay to tell Jimmy he can't see me.

We took one step forward in our fight of civil rights for everyone by electing Barack Obama, but we took one giant leap backward by passing Prop 8 and Amendment 2.

I am so excited that the reign of terror an chaos of George W Bush is over.  But I am so sad that this country, which prides itself on its days of overcoming civil rights barriers, has instituted such constitutional amendments.  My gay friends say "its not permanent... it can be undone."  Sure, it can, but now we wait longer, and we reinforce the religious right's attempts to squash minorities.


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OMG!  I am really surprised that our country elected Obama.  I didn't really have that much faith in the American electorate.  But OMG hell yeah!  Change is coming!  Can we just throw Bush out now?


Why you should vote for Obama...

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An interesting and brave statement from Apple was put up on their "Hot News" website publicly stating that Prop 8 is wrong and "Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8."

From Apple's Hot News site:

Just another reason why I use, love, and promote Apple products and services.

The truth about ACORN

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So, I will eventually stop making this a Youtube blog, but its an election year, and I will pass on what is important.  You have heard a lot about "ACORN" from the republicans.  They only thing ACORN is trying to do, is register minorities to vote.  The only thing the republicans are trying to do by attacking it, is suppress votes.


What does amendment 2 say?

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Live in Florida?  Registered to vote?  Here is what Prop 2 will say:

"Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."

Amendment 2 will prohibit even the existence of domestic partnerships because it may be considered the "substantial equivalent" of marriage.  This is a bigoted amendment to the Florida constitution, and it must be defeated!

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