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There has been lots of talk lately about the Bush era torture tactics.  Critics on both sides of the aisle have a lot to say on the issue.  Far right conservatives say torture is okay, because it will help protect our homeland.  Everyone else knows that torture is against what this country stands for.

I don't doubt that the Bush administration received information from torture. I also believe that a good majority of that information was probably bull shit, because they didn't want to be tortured anymore.  

We are told by conservatives that if we don't torture terrorists, we will be attacked... and the terrorists will destroy our country.  But if you think about it, when we allow torture, we do more harm to our country than a terrorist ever could.  Once we start allowing this activity as a country, what will stop us from going farther down the unethical road we are on?  Once we say it is okay to torture our enemies, when will it become okay to torture our own?  When will it come to the point that anytime you say something bad about our government people will show up at your door, and put your head in a black bag?

Torture IS NOT OKAY!  EVER!!  If you are the religious right, do you really think your god would approve?  

I wish the conservatives (and Fox news), would get it through their head, that if they just admitted Bush was an asshole, and screwed up, they might have an ounce of a political chance right now.

Bush started the destruction of our democracies.  He started the destruction of our constitution.  We must stop it.

Do you like the difference in reporting styles?
So, I was totally going to blog about the Oscars acceptance speech by the Milk screenwriter.  However, a Dan Lanini beat me to it, so instead I will link to that blog post and insert the youtube video in case you are the type that doesn't like to read.

How stupid can somebody be?  They only thing a comment like this will get you, is less money.  Oh well, screw this jackass.
Sorry to all of a sudden be posting a lot of youtube videos, but I saw this and had to.  I have always loved Letterman, and when McCain decided to "suspend his campaign," I guess that meant Letterman as well (even though, McCain just went down the hall to CBS news). 


Full story can be found here.

Microsoft starts Apple Attack Ads

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Not that I can really blame them, but Microsoft has started a advertising campaign to attack Apple's "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads.  The first started out with a Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ad that left everyone saying "wtf?".  Microsoft pulled the ads, and fired Sienfeld.  

Now... Micorosoft has changed tact, and started a set of attack ads to say "I am a PC."  All I have to say, is: they are good.  Microsoft finally figured it out.  They show real people all over the world, using PCs in their lives.  Its just too bad that the commercials and advertisements themselves were made on Macs.  

The real question from these well designed ads is: Will it work?  I would venture to say no.  Microsoft is trying to play the victim card.  It is the largest company in the world, and it is trying to remind the world that people still use PCs.  The ads do not attempt to show why people should stay with Microsoft, or why they think their product is better.  These ads just tell the world that lots of people use PCs.  

Another fun thing to think about, is how scared Microsoft must be right now.  Thats a good sign for Apple me thinks.  

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