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The Box

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For the first time in my life I feel traped in a box.  As Americans, we are raised being told "you can do anything you put your mind to."  While we all hope that that is true, it really isnt.  Compared to a lot of other misfortunate people out there, i know I have no right to wine.  However, I still have had this feeling for a while now, that I am cramped, and stuck.  My life is trapped.

I actually blamed it on the fact that I have been sitting on my computer all the time, in the corner of my apartment.  However, I realized its about much more than that.  I feel like I am "in a box" as far as my career path (and life) is concerned.  

I am in a different environment than anywhere else in the world.  I have transitioned to a life here.  I love it.  However, I am paid crap, and I seem to be stagnate in my line of growth and development at work.  As much as I try and want to move forward, I do not.  

The system would say: transfer... it will help you get what you want.  It will open up new doors.  It is true, but what if it doesn't open enough doors?  What if I get to the point where I realize that I cannot go any farther.  I would have wasted another yeargetting adjusted to a new area.  It makes it even harder to make the decision if this wont work, and if its time to do something else.

Don't get me wrong.  I love the job.  However, the longer I am told "just keep doing what your doing, and it will happen again" the more tired I will get of my current situation.

I somewhat blame this feeling on just sitting around all the time when I am not at work.  Money is preventing me from going out and doing things every day.  But I could --and should-- start going to work-out again every day.  But its hard to get in the habit, and stay in it.  I can do it for about two weeks, then I start making excuses not to go.

I am veering off the subject, so it's probably time to stop writing.  

Fox News Reports

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There has been lots of talk lately about the Bush era torture tactics.  Critics on both sides of the aisle have a lot to say on the issue.  Far right conservatives say torture is okay, because it will help protect our homeland.  Everyone else knows that torture is against what this country stands for.

I don't doubt that the Bush administration received information from torture. I also believe that a good majority of that information was probably bull shit, because they didn't want to be tortured anymore.  

We are told by conservatives that if we don't torture terrorists, we will be attacked... and the terrorists will destroy our country.  But if you think about it, when we allow torture, we do more harm to our country than a terrorist ever could.  Once we start allowing this activity as a country, what will stop us from going farther down the unethical road we are on?  Once we say it is okay to torture our enemies, when will it become okay to torture our own?  When will it come to the point that anytime you say something bad about our government people will show up at your door, and put your head in a black bag?

Torture IS NOT OKAY!  EVER!!  If you are the religious right, do you really think your god would approve?  

I wish the conservatives (and Fox news), would get it through their head, that if they just admitted Bush was an asshole, and screwed up, they might have an ounce of a political chance right now.

Bush started the destruction of our democracies.  He started the destruction of our constitution.  We must stop it.

Do you like the difference in reporting styles?

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