New Mexico governor repeals death penalty in state -

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"New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed a bill Wednesday repealing the death penalty in his state, his office confirmed."

Great news from New Mexico, and another sign our country is indeed slowly evolving into a more modern civilized society.  Just the fact alone that we have executed people who are innocent should prevent us from ever EVER having the death penalty.  

The proponents of the death penalty always use the argument "what if they killed your mother, brother, or lover? Wouldn't you want them put to death?"  I find that argument one of the worst in politics.  We do not have a justice system to make the victims feel better.  We have a justice system so we can provide JUSTICE for the crime, and so we can attempt to rehabilitate (even though this doesn't happen), or if that is impossible, remove the person from society.

We are a civilized society, and an eye for an eye punishment is not what it is about.  

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