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Hate and Obama?

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What Obama said on the Tonight show was wrong.  But before you go out and attack him for what he said, you might want to look at what you say everyday.  The word "retard" is just as offensive and hateful as anything, and most of us have used that word.  Most of us think nothing offensive when we say it.  I know I have used that word.  Without even thinking about it, I have perpetuated hate and intolerance in this world.   We all do, and if you think otherwise, you are in a dream world.

"New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed a bill Wednesday repealing the death penalty in his state, his office confirmed."

Great news from New Mexico, and another sign our country is indeed slowly evolving into a more modern civilized society.  Just the fact alone that we have executed people who are innocent should prevent us from ever EVER having the death penalty.  

The proponents of the death penalty always use the argument "what if they killed your mother, brother, or lover? Wouldn't you want them put to death?"  I find that argument one of the worst in politics.  We do not have a justice system to make the victims feel better.  We have a justice system so we can provide JUSTICE for the crime, and so we can attempt to rehabilitate (even though this doesn't happen), or if that is impossible, remove the person from society.

We are a civilized society, and an eye for an eye punishment is not what it is about.  


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Jimmy talked me into making a Tumblr.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  I want to use it, but I feel like it would replace at least two other services I already have.  1: this blog, 2: Flickr because you can post photos live to Tumbr, and thats why I use Flickr.  I use Flickr as more of a photo blog of my life.  I like the service, it is very simple (almost too simple).  So, I will keep using it for now, and I will re-evaluate how I feel about it over time.

On a side note, is it every company's goal to remove the "e" on words that should end with "er." Flickr and Tumblr are good examples.  Is this like the new "i" phenomenon (i.e. iPhone, iMac, iPoop)?

Added 3/16 8:53pm:

I have set up the custom domain for Tubmlr, so now you can get to my tumblr from Yay

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