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So there is this meme going around Facebook, that everyone has been doing.  I am not going to do it on Facebook, nor am I tagging random friends.  I think you should only be tagged in a note on facebook if you are actually mentioned in that note.  Just saying.

So I am bad at these things, so dont hate.  25 50 random things about me:
    1. I have used Mac's pretty much all my life. My first mac was a Mac SE.  I will always defend Apple products because I love the innovation that Apple has.
    2. I hate bad drivers, and people that drive slow.
    3. I have a secret love for being in a traffic jam on an expressway as long as I have no place to go.  I think they are fun.
    4. I am constantly worried about what people think about me, to the point it sometimes drives me crazy.
    5. I wear ties to work sometimes, but I still do not know how to tie a tie.  Jimmy learned for me, and he ties them.
    6. I lived in Japan for four months when I was 10.
    7. I love animals of all kinds, and hate people who are cruel to them.
    8. I love to Curl.
    9. I have only been to one funeral in my life, and I was very young.
    10. I am very afraid of death.
    11. I had a threesome with two other guys when I was 20.
    12. I technically did not lose my virginity until I meet my current boyfriend Jimmy.
    13. I sometimes think I am always horny.  (what?)
    14. I have 25 mini Figments hanging in my car.
    15. I love to be naked, and I wish I could be naked all the time.
    16. I was paid by my High School to teach the teachers how to use computers.
    17. I tear up during emotional commercials/tv, but almost never cry for anything else.
    18. I think and worry about my current job ending at least 5 times every hour of every day.
    19. I have a thing for cute underwear, and have to fight the urge to buy underwear when buying other cloths.
    20. I often fear I will drive all my friends away just for being me.
    21. I have no favorites.
    22. I hate blood and gore (but love Al Gore)
    23. I hate horror movies, but love Zombie movies
    24. Until I graduated from High School (and probably somewhat into college), I thought I would be a teacher.
    25. I hate big corporations (Except Disney and Apple)
    26. I want Microsoft and Walmart to die.  I think they are evil horrible corporations and should be stopped.
    27. I am more liberal than most people
    28. I volunteered for my senator in Wisconsin (and met him).  Feingold is probably one of the best politicians on earth, and he should have run for president.
    29. Jimmy told me to do 100 of these, so I went past #25 but I think I will probably stop at 50
    30. I am more easy going than I appear, and will put up with pretty much anything
    31. I cannot make decisions.
    32. I feel like I have disappointed my parents.
    33. I was the favorite child, and spoiled when I was a kid.  Now, as adults, my brother is the favorite.  He deserves it too.
    34. I have a college degree in Computer End User Technologies, and could have a job paying between 60 and 100 thousand a year right now.
    35. On my college program, I interviewed for an IT job in Wisconsin, and was their second choice.  If I had been offered the job, I would not be in Florida today.
    36. Up until college, I had told myself I would never swear.  I realized it didn't really matter, and gave up on that.
    37. I am Lutheran, and have not gone to church since I was in high school.
    38. I am a huge supporter of all civil rights causes.  The only people I hate are bigots.
    39. Recycling is my star point on my Showkeeping team.
    40. I have played World of Warcraft.  I dont hate it, but I will never be addicted to it.  I dislike the game, because I feel it takes time away from my loved one (sorry Jimmy!).
    41. I love Jimmy more then he will ever know.  If I could spend a whole day just holding him, and having him close, I would.
    42. I often feel un-included.
    43. I will stick with friends no matter what is happening in their life.  I will do anything for my friends.  Unless they turn on me, and act like an ass to me or screw me over.  I can think of 2 situations in my life where that has happened.
    44. One of my best friends in elementary school stopped talking to me, and every day when I left on the bus, I yelled out the window at him saying hi, until he I won him over.  I think it took 2 years.  He remained one of my best friends until I moved out of Wisconsin in 2005, when I lost touch with him.  :-/
    45. I used to tie my sled to my Dog when I was young, and have him pull me down a large hill/street.  It probably was not safe. 
    46. I cracked my head open when I was like 5, all I remember about the whole situation, was the color of the hospital bed sheets that I got the stitches on.
    47. I was in the Boy Scouts until late high school.  I quit because I had to swim in a pool with my cloths on and I was afraid of it.  The only thing I regret about it, was that I could not send my eagle scout badge back because of how they treat gays.
    48. I was too afraid to be me in college to have any fun at all.  My biggest regret in life so far.
    49. I knew I was gay in late middle school.  I never told a sole until I was at Disney (not a one).  The first person I told was Josh Frost (a friend from Disney).  He in turn, did not keep my secret and told many many people.  I officially came out in a blog on Myspace.
    50. I moved to Florida only because I wanted to find the courage to come out.

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You are NOT Lutheran! You were "raised" Lutheran, but the fact that you don't follow the religion at all makes you an un-lutheran.

religiosity. gross.

and I still think you should have done 100.

I could go through this and correct all your grammar mistakes, but I won't.


The thought of you having loose virginity makes me chuckle. (#12)

... and I'm not Tingo. =)

That is all.

Listen here Matthew! Stop being a jerk.

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