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So, my car headlight just went out yesterday, before my adventure to Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. So my plan all along was to replace my headlight today not at 7 p.m. last night.  However, I knew how police worked, and I new that I had a great chance of getting pulled over.

Turns out, I was correct.  Just as we concluded our night at about 1030, after eating at Sonic, we got pulled over by Orange County police.  He pulled me over on I-drive.  Moments later, before he got to my window, another squad car showed up for backup.  So, at this point, I am in a hotel parking lot, with 2 police cars behind me with both of their squad lights on.  Talk about creating a scene.  

The officer told me he pulled me over because "you were going too fast for this road" and "your headlight is out."  Literally seconds before pulling me over, a van screamed by me at least 10-15 mph faster than me.  The officer had to have noticed, because the van just finished passing me when the police lights turned on behind me.  

So, I was profiled because we had 3 younger people in the car on I-Drive with a headlight out.  Jimmy and I had both looked at my speed, and I was actually going 35, the speed limit for that road.

The officer never told me my speed.  Nor did I get a ticket.

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