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I have been contemplating getting back into podcasting.  I was thinking the other night when I was driving home from work that I have a lot of opinions circulating in my head that I would like to get out.  I was thinking a random 10min podcast every once and a while - while I was driving home would be cool.  I would call it something lame like "the ride home."  I just have to find a good app for the iPhone that will work like I want it to... and I have to decide I actually want to do it.

Any thoughts?  I used to podcast when I was in college.  I had about 150 listeners, which isn't bad for little 'ol me.  This was right as podcasting was taking off, and I even got featured on a few popular podcasts at the time.  But, that doesnt mean I am entertaining.  Thats why if I at least just start with like a 10min version I think it would be okay.  But who knows, it probably will never happen

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