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I am about to head off to bed, but I had to blog about this cool little app for the iPhone I found earlier.  It is called PhotoSwap and it is exactly what its name is.  You take a random photo with your iPhone, and it sends it off to some other random person.  When your done sending your photo out, you will receive a random photo from someone else somewhere else in the world.  

If you want, you can reply to your random photo, but only in the form of another photo.  Pretty cool huh?  Go check it out.  Its a good way to waste time.  The photo on the side was one I got tonight.  This person was looking for people to take photos off of his/her list and reply.

Time to trade in my iPhone

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I think it may be time to replace my iPhone with the Pomegranate Phone.  I didnt think it was possible for someone to come up with better technology then Apple.

Click the read more link AFTER you visit this link and learn about the phone.

Issues Fixed

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Had another vulnerability hack on the site yesterday, it took the website down.  Fixed it, but if you see anything strange please let me know.
How stupid can somebody be?  They only thing a comment like this will get you, is less money.  Oh well, screw this jackass.

Keith Olbermann on Gay Marriage

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I know, lots of YouTube, but this is great stuff.  A must watch.

"Equal Rights"

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The people will be heard soon

Bitter Sweet Victory

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I was watching CNN today, and they showed an "iReporter" posting a video blog on their website about the passage of all of the amendment across the country to ban gay marriage constitutionally (in their states constitution).  She said that she wanted to ask a gay African American what they feel about the results of the election.  While I am not African American, I am gay.  I was so proud of our country for coming out and supporting Obama, and making history for civil rights.  Racism will still exists, but this is a great step.

However, don't attack me for saying it, but gay is the new black.  We are being persecuted, and our rights are not being provided.  Why is it okay, for Californians and Floridians to say I can't see my loved one if he were to be in the hospital.  Or if heaven forbid, I were somehow on my death bed, why it would be okay to tell Jimmy he can't see me.

We took one step forward in our fight of civil rights for everyone by electing Barack Obama, but we took one giant leap backward by passing Prop 8 and Amendment 2.

I am so excited that the reign of terror an chaos of George W Bush is over.  But I am so sad that this country, which prides itself on its days of overcoming civil rights barriers, has instituted such constitutional amendments.  My gay friends say "its not permanent... it can be undone."  Sure, it can, but now we wait longer, and we reinforce the religious right's attempts to squash minorities.


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OMG!  I am really surprised that our country elected Obama.  I didn't really have that much faith in the American electorate.  But OMG hell yeah!  Change is coming!  Can we just throw Bush out now?


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