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Woot. 2 posts in one day.

So, I need to get the motivation to start going to our apartment complexes gym and working out.  I am getting out of shape, and it needs to stop.  I have always always wanted (don't we all?) to have the motivation to go get a great body, but never had the continuous motivation.  In college, I payed to have a membership to the school gym, and for a while, went a couple times a week.  But after a while, I stopped going.  

I have access to a small gym here at my apartment complex, and I should use it.  I just need to set a schedule to do such a thing.  I was going to go tonight, but didn't.  Big suprise.  Maybe next week.  I ordered some new pants to work out in, in hopes to encourage me to use them.  Yeah, I am thats kind of lame, but it might work for a little while.

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1) Why don't you and I schedule "Matthew and Ryan" workout time once a week? We could switch off working out at your place and mine! (yes, Rosen has a gym - we're not that puny)

2) I tried creating a Moveable Type account to make commenting easier, however, I was given a horrendous error message - what's with me and your blog and error messages? Fix that, will you?

When do you want to do this once a week thing?

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