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Today is my Friday.  I have a three day weekend starting tomorrow.  However, this morning was my last morning opening with the veteran cast of Sunset boulevard.  I broke the news to them this morning while pushing water in TOTS.  They were all very nice to me, and told me I "would be statused in no time."  I will never truly know what the cast at Studios Showkeeping thought of me.  But I like to think that I at least left somewhat of a good impression by the end of my 7 months with them.  

I am so sad that my time with this team as been cut to an abrupt end.  I didn't get to know the cast as much as I wanted.  I really feel like I should have had more time.  I was at home on the Studios Showkeeping team, but now I am being told it is time to move on.

So, now I return to Sunset with a positive outlook and attitude for the future.  I begin my hunt for a new TA, and a hunt for a new park to coordinate at in the mean time, to gain exposure and experience.

Although, I am not afraid to admit: I am very sad that Saturday night, is my last night.  I am being forced to leave my home. :(

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