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Falcon Square at Independence

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So, I am writing this post from my iPhone because I had no Internet. Yesterday, I was told by Bright House that the building I moved into was still "under construction" and cable was not attached to the building in any way, shape, or form. So I am compleatly unattached from the world. The move itself went fine. However, the people at Falcon Square have done noting but play games with us since we first met them. Stories changed every day. I even was flat out called a liar by the apartment manager. I love the apartment, but hate the people that manage it. I would write more, but again I am typing on my iphone. More updates on the fun that is Falcon Square when I actually get Internet back.
I found an interesting website on Digg today @ The "boy" as he describes himself decides that the meaning of life is: Evolution. Pretty simple, and pretty true. Makes your life seam even less important. But when you look at it, he is right. We are a species that is always trying to get better. We live to evolve the human race. What happens now, in your life, has just the tinniest impact on the big grand scheme of things. We together evolve, and make the species better.

I am sure he religious folks out there are going to go crazy about this one. After all, to them evolution doesnt exist at all. I find it funny when I learn about the "creationists" and how they believe we were created this way, and there never was any change to this species ever. Hell, you can look at the last 200 years and see evolution. Pretty hard to tell me it doesn't exist. But if they were to believe something like this, it would take away their hope that their lives are more important. They want to be doing this for someone or something. They want hope. That is what religion really is. It is a way to hide from your fears. 

Simple theory from this 26 year old, but it pretty much sums up the meaning of life. Go read.

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A thinking morning

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(Nobody else has the right to say longest post ever... this post had to be continued in an extended entry)

Every so often, I wake up just thinking about life and the world.  This morning, with the wind outside and the rain and the cat sleeping on my legs, it just put me in a mood to think.

I woke up this morning thinking all about my past.  Thinking of my life up to today, it is often a wonder how I even ended up a somewhat normal person (hey, I did say somewhat).  I will admit, that I led my life every day worrying about how people view me.  How will people re-act if I say this, or if I answer the teachers question this way what will the class think of that answer.  Anything I said or did, had to be pre-decided in my head before it happened.  I would play things out in my mind to determine what the reaction would be.  I wanted to be accepted.  I never wanted my actions to alienate me from everyone else, and I was always worried it would.

A lot of this stems back to middle school.  Middle school was rough for me.  I wasn't the most made fun of kid.  I wasn't the kid people always went out of their way to make fun of at every moment (thank goodness), but I was still made fun of on what felt like a daily basis.  I felt personally like everything I did was wrong and was something for someone to say about me.  It put me into the shell I have yet to completely break out of today, and it put me into a state where I felt that I was my own worst enemy in life.  It gave me the mentality that I have to be carful what I say or do, or people wont like me.

I had a blast in High School.  I had the most fun of any of my school years in High School.  I found fun people to be friends with, and I found people who accepted me.  However, it wasn't enough to get me to be me again.

Tropical Storm Fay

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So, today was for the most part very uneventful.  TS Fay came, and was supposed to run directly over Orlando, Disney, and the area.  However, at the last minute it changed direction, and pretty much missed us.

Had it hit us as a hurricane, it would have been my second while living in Florida.  Wilma was my first I believe, which did cause the closure of most of Disney's parks.  

For the last 24 to 48 hours, it appeared as though, everyone on the face of Florida was freaking out about this storm.  Don't get me wrong, its good to treat it like it may be the worst storm ever, in case something freak happens, and it becomes the worst storm ever.  You never want to be caught with your pants down (meh).  

A lot of people who live in Florida are here for their first time, so this is their first tropical storm. For them, I excuse the excitement and worry.  But I had people at work who have lived in Florida for tens of years and called in to work because they felt it was too dangerous to work. Give me a break (no offense).  It's a tropical storm, not a hurricane.  I have only been through a very limited amount of storms and even i didn't freak out about this storm.  :-)

Not a big dealeither way.  I mean, you can and should make something like this a fun expierience.  Anything in life that makes things more fun and exciting should be welcomed.  Just don't let something like this scare you.

Thats all I have to rant about for the day.
So, with T.Boon Pickens (I have a lot to write about this man, but not in this entry), and all the media coverage of wind power, there has been lots of attention drawn to it.  Today, I noticed an article on CNN about how wind power has adversely affected the small communities and the people that live on the land with the wind turbines.  What I don't really understand is why this even got attention on CNN.  If someone decided to build a Nuclear power plant in my back yard, of course I would be upset.  So, of course the families on this land are not happy.  Yes, wind power is a clean source of energy, that I am very excited about.  However, just because it is a clean source of power it does not mean it will be fun to live under the power generators.

For allowing 6 wind turbines to be on your land, the family gets approximately $46,000 a year.  Thats an agreement the wind company and the land owner signed to before the turbines were ever built.  Thats a nice additional income for a small family (although, I would have expected to be payed more).  These folks have nothing to complain about.  They put themselves into the situation that they are in.

CNN also talks about how the residents of this community thought they would get free electricity.  Do you think any energy company in the world would give you something for nothing?  They are a business like anything else, and they need profit to stay alive.

I personally think that CNN is trying to find a story where there is none.  If you decide to allow wind power in your town, yes there will be negative effects... but think of the good you will be doing for the world.  The more wind power we have, the less pollution we have, the less oil we use, and the better our environment will be.

There will be more on this topic from me I am sure.

Welcome to Penguins

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So, yet again I am attempting to blog.  I have had issues with hackers getting at vulnerabilities in MT before causing me to shut down the blog (and the whole domain!).  None-the-less I have had strong urges to blog lately, so I decided to once again resurrect this website.  Look for more soon.

Yes, I am currently using a pre-made template design for the blog, but thats because I still don't really know enough about MT to design something myself.  It will probably be a while (because of time) until I get to that point.


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